Patch Notes

Due to the game being run on a custom build, many localization changes had to have been made for Fantasy Tale! Click the image to read up on them before playing. We are excited to share them with you.

Leveling Guide!

Want to know the best route to gain levels fast in Fantasy La Tale? Check out this quick and easy leveling guide, equipped with level up rewards and areas to train at!

Pet Guide

Learn how our pet system works! 

Installation 101!

Get online as fast as possible with this guide!

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Fantasy Tale   Features

  • Updated to Korean La Tale Patch

  • Full Class Reworks for Blade Master, Pop-Star, All Sub Classes, Arc and Force Master from Korean La Tale

  • Over 10,000 FREE and Unreleased Fashion Items

  • Balanced Economy System

  • Solo and Party Friendly Game-play

  • Friendly Community and Staff

  • Customized NPCs, Loading Screens and Music

  • Weekly Events

  • Custom ELY Quests - Party up with friends!

  • Adjusted EXP Rates (Max Level 255)

  • Custom Summonables and Pet System

  • Customized Fantasy Tale Interface 

  • Fantasy Tale : Ascension System​​

  • Fantasy Tale : Class Change to any class

1. Zion

2. House

3. necrovalley

4. snow

5. sacrosanct

1. Avatar [245]

2. moon [240]

3. brian [237]

4. syphilis [237]

5. yin [237]